Our Story

Ideas in Food


Curiosity Doughnuts began with a question, "What can we do with doughnuts?" The answer is still evolving. We opened the shop as our passion project. We developed our first doughnut recipe for our second book: Maximum Flavor, Great Recipes and Why They Work. After we published it, we thought we were done. But a funny thing happened. We began searching for great doughnuts. Scouting them out in farmer’s markets and taking road trips to try different variations. We saw a lot of great ideas and ate a lot of mediocre doughnuts. Long lines and good press did not necessarily lead to delicious doughnuts but there was inspiration everywhere we looked. Several years ago when Aki asked Alex what he wanted to do for our next project, they were both surprised when he immediately replied “Doughnuts.”

In the end it made perfect sense. We both love doughnuts and were tired of being disappointed. It was time to make a better doughnut. That begins with the dough. We are the kind of people who read labels, so we made sure that there was nothing in our doughnuts that we would hesitate to feed our daughter. Twenty years in the food business, as chefs in restaurants and as teachers, consultants, and cookbook authors, gave us the knowledge to tinker with the different doughs and the glazes. The rule throughout our careers had been that anything that goes on the menu has to please both of us. That is not an easy thing to do. Anyone who has worked with us will attest to that. Every doughnut we serve has to meet that standard.

Obessed with Flavor...


We opened Curiosity Doughnuts with three different doughnuts: vanilla yeasted, chocolate yeasted, and the drop doughnut. Today we make 11 styles of dough with 10 different spin-off variations. That’s a lot of different doughnuts, even if you simply try each one of them with vanilla glaze. We create a variety of glazes and toppings each day for a seemingly endless variety of flavors. We put in the time and effort to make them all uniquely delicious. We use quality ingredients--you wouldn’t believe the amount of money we spend on vanilla, and you can taste the difference. We are constantly tinkering with our recipes to make sure that they are the best they can be and testing new ideas, which is how we ended up with so many different doughnuts. We’ve been awarded Best In Philly by Philly Magazine, Best of Jersey, from New Jersey Monthly (three times), and in 2018 we were James Beard Semi-Finalists in the category of Best Baker.

What's next?


In March 2018, we made the move from Stockton, New Jersey to Spring House, Pennsylvania, stripping down the menu to focus on the doughnuts. Over time, we’ve gone from the original three doughnuts to eleven types of dough with an additional ten variations. There are doughnuts here that you cannot find anywhere else. You can visit us inside the Whole Foods Market in Spring House, PA. We are a “Friend of Whole Foods” otherwise known as an independent vendor inside the store. We pop-up in the Princeton, NJ, Whole Foods Market on Saturdays and Sundays. There is another location coming soon to Tyson’s Corner, VA, where we’re going to bring back the frozen custard and fried chicken sandwiches. Stay tuned for more details.